Subject: Re: hardware: qube2 and random lockups
To: None <>
From: Andre Schulze <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 09/25/2002 23:26:05
Am Die den 24 Sep 2002 um 03:42:42 -0700 schrieb Jamie Heilman:
> > my qube2 locks up at more or less random times.
> ...
> > Most of the time the box locks up during large nfs file transfers but
> > it also crashed while compiling stuff.
> How often?  Can you reliably make it occur?  I've suffered 1 lockup

No, no reproducable lockups exept for when i netboot an Irix box from
this box. However i did'nt test this recently with the new 1.6
installation (this is another story...).

> running 1.6 beta 4 during large NFS file transfers (10 to 12 50-60M
> files in a row).  I've since upgraded to 1.6 release (used,
> no lockups, nice and smooth), so far no lockups, haven't hammered it

Building from sources locked the box up too several times.

> quite as hard yet though.  Still I wasn't able to reliably reproduce
> the crash, and the first time it happened I didn't have the console
> monitored so I'm not sure what really happened.
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Am Mit den 25 Sep 2002 um 12:35:34 -0700 schrieb Robert P. Thille:
> I've got a couple of Qube2 machines running 1.5.2.  They are pretty 
> lightly used: one's my DSL router for my house, and the other is pretty 

I am using the box as kind of router between my powerbook which doesn't
work together with my cheap switch and network traffic didn't cause it
to lock up.

> much just a spare that I build packages on and try things out.  I've 
> seen both machines lock up more than once, but I haven't seen it in a 
> few months.
Months? No my box locked up several times during building samba for

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Am Die den 24 Sep 2002 um 08:20:11 -0700 schrieb Byron Servies:
> On September 23, 2002 at 22:49, Andre Schulze wrote:
> > Hi list,
> > 
> Did you replace the original memory with the new, single
> module?  If not, then is your swap configured and mounted
> correctly?
I received the qube2 with just one 64mb module. I don't know if this is
the factory setup however.
Swap should work, yes.

> In any event, it sounds to me like you are running out of memory,
> unless the logs are showing a crash of some type.  I'm running

I have 256mb swap and it is used at startup.

> a 1.6 beta kernel, btw, and it has been fine; I'm sure the
> official release is fine, too.
Ok, so far it seems to be a hardware problem. I will try to check the
memory. Thank you all for your replies,