Subject: Re: still problems with cube1..
To: Ingo Steinert <>
From: Kevin Lahey <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/31/2002 11:40:56
In message <>"Ingo Steinert" writes
>i have still problems booting my cube1 over network. I set up the nfsserver
>on a debian 3.0. can somebody send me a kernel working on a cube1? 
>over NFS? ;-) I have no serial cable. ;-(

Ouch, most reports I've seen on this list are for the Qube2 or
the RaQ2.  Does the cobalt port even work on the Qube1?  The one
reference in the port-cobalt list archives is a report of a failed
attempt to boot one.  Does the Qube1 even have a serial port?

If it *does* have a serial port, I suggest that you buy a null-modem 
cable.  In the US, they cost about as much as an Ethernet cable,
and considerably less than a Qube. :-)  It will make it much
easier to debug the problem.

Good luck,