Subject: /: bad dir ino 2 at offset 0: mangled entry
To: None <>
From: Bob Bostwick <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/08/2002 15:40:09
First thanks for all the help with fdisk, and disklabel.  I managed to
get it to boot, and all was looking great.  I was still in single user
mode at this point, so I net-booted once more, and set rc.conf up for
multiuser.  Once I re-booted I got the message below.  I have tried
fsck, but it didn't seem to help.  I am still a newbie, so I'm sure it's
something simple I missed.

Boot device: wd0
root on wd0a dumps on wd0b
root file system type: ext2fs
/: bad dir ino 2 at offset 0: mangled entry
panic: bad dir
Stopped in init at      0x801224d4:     jr      ra
                bdslot: 0x801224d8:     nop
db> trace
801224d0+4 (ff01,0,d,0) ra 800431c8 sz 0
8004311c+ac (801568d0,0,72,0) ra 80102e18 sz 48
80102dc4+54 (801568d0,0,8015cee8,0) ra 800e5bd0 sz 32
800e57ec+3e4 (801568d0,0,8015cee8,c913dea0) ra 80063ccc sz 152
80063888+444 (801568d0,0,8015cee8,c913dea0) ra 80063788 sz 96
800633a0+3e8 (801568d0,0,8015cee8,c913dea0) ra 8002611c sz 120
main+92c (801568d0,0,8015cee8,c913dea0) ra 13f sz 88
PC 0x13f: not in kernel space
0+13f (801568d0,0,8015cee8,c913dea0) ra 0 sz 0
User-level: pid 1
db>3, head  15, sector 63