Subject: Re: make build error again, w/1.5.3 kernel
To: Jamie Heilman <>
From: Kevin Lahey <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 07/12/2002 22:53:37
In message <>Jamie Heilman writes
>I just ran into the same thing Thang T. Mai did in April[1], only I was
>running a 1.5.3 kernel built from sources pulled on the 11th of this
>month.  Everything dynamically linked against libc bombs now.  What
>next?  I had no critical data on this qube2 so I can always reinstall
>without any pain, but I'm not sure where to go from here, does 1.6
>have the same problem?

I've been bit by this several times.  I generally set DESTDIR
to an NFS mounted partition, then NFS boot off of that partition
and do the install into the disk paritition the Qube.  I'm not
really sure why the Cobalt port is so sensitive to this, as I've 
never had these problems on i386 boxes.

OTOH, none of my i386 boxes have that cool glowing green bar.  :-)
I think that the fact that we have a port to the Qube at all
is way, way cool.  It looks great sitting in the corner of
my home office, sucking down a mere 30W and happily providing

My recent upgrade from 1.5-something-current to 1.6C to pick
up the security fixes went fairly smoothly, so perhaps that'll
work out for you without using a non-/ DESTDIR.  I wouldn't bet 
the farm on it, though.

Good luck,