Subject: kernel with ipv6 (was: Re: compiling kernel on Qube 2)
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From: Andre Schulze <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/15/2002 14:17:53
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Am Thu den 31 Jan 2002 um 03:36:35PM +0000 schrieb Liam Bedford:
> hi,
> 	I'm trying to get a realtek 8139 based ethernet card to work in the qube=
 beside me.
> It is picked up in the boot sequence, but it's unconfigured.=20
> I recompiled config, at which stage that ran okay.
> but make depend died complaining about mipsel or no not being there.
> make also failed.
I am failing here too. Playing around with ipv6 i need a new kernel to get =
Unfortunately i am not familiar enough with NetBSD to get the current code
to compile.
If someone has made a working kernel with ipv6 built in it would be nice
to upload it to some public accessible place.

> I started to make world, but that seemed a little excessive to get a new =
kernel. I suspect
> the source I have is -current, and that is where the problems are coming =
> So, where can I find the 1.5.2 kernel source, or does someone have a pre-=
> Qube kernel with IPFilter, GATEWAY, and either 8139 or 3c905B support?
Liam posted the other day that he made a kernel though. What was the trick =

Thank you,

"Die deutsche Sprache muss clean bleiben!"

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