Subject: Re: install w/o cable?
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Kevin Lahey <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 09/29/2001 16:22:53
In message <Pine.GSO.4.21.0109300116590.12478-100000@rfhpc8317>,
Hubert Feyrer writes:
>On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, Ted Unangst wrote:
>> I don't have a serial cable, and while I could probably get one, I'd like
>> to try installing NetBSD without one.  If I copy the netbsd.gz to
>> /usr/games/.doug and boot it, will it load an nfs filesystem?  The kernel
>> config file has "root on ?" and NFS_BOOT_DHCP.  So I'm guessing this is
>> sufficent?  I just need to setup a filesystem, press the button, and it
>> will work?
>I doubt this works.

Err, what he said.  IIRC, the default kernel prompted me (via the serial
console) to find the NFS location, although I had a fairly funky DHCP/NFS 
setup at the time.  In any case, should you mess up anything at all from
setting up /etc/rc.conf to making the devices, you'll really, really want 
the ability to chat over that console line...

Good luck either way,