Subject: CVS updates for cobalt
To: None <>
From: Paul <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 09/01/2001 16:49:35
Hi all,

Just a simple question on cvs updates.

Is it safe to compile and use cvs for updating the pkgsrc and src files
on cobalt?

Not being one to be cautious I went ahead and did it anyway but found
many apparent errors.

e.g. cvs update: ignoring src/sys/arch/cobalt/compile (CVS/Repository

This was done using the following commands (bash shell):

#export CVS_RSH=ssh
#cd /usr
#cvs -d $CVSROOT update -PAd pkgsrc
#cvs -d $CVSROOT update -PAd pkgsrc

Unfortunately when I go to compile the kernel:

#cd /usr/src/sys/cobalt/conf
#config QUBE2
# config: cannot read ../../../../arch/cobalt/conf/Makefile.cobalt: No
such file or directory
*** Stop.

Sure enough it appears that cvs has deleted my original Makefile.cobalt.
This leads me to believe that there is a cobalt specific cvs server?

Any help appreciated.