Subject: Re: Stupid ideas / questions ?
To: None <>
From: root <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/28/2001 03:53:16
On Monday 28 May 2001 01:24, you wrote:
> ...

> 	Would the serial option for a cachecube be anything like that
> 	of a Qube2700?
> ...
Me not know what the 2700 is, but here's what I find in my cachecube:
- Seagate ST34520A (~4GB) IDE disk
- A backplane with 2 PCI slots, an IDE connector and a DEC 21041
   Ethernet controller + connector ("Net1") calling itself
                     "I/O Board 850-00102"
- A (PCI) CPU card with (top to buttom) 
	- "QuickLogic" QL8X12B-1PL68C chip
	   (covered by sticker)
	- (supposedly) CPU (black print on silverish plate unreadable)
	- "Galileo" GT-64011-P-0 controller (?)
	- AMD 29F040B controller (covered by sticker. Thanks Cobalt !)
	- next to SCC CON header
	- and LCD connector
	- 2 banks of SIMM RAM
  calling itself "CPU Board 850-00101"

Logic would, I think, dictate to assume that this is basically just another 
Qube (Qube2 ?) with some "enhanced" (IMHO rather "crippled")
Linux 2.0.34. To make life funnier, Cobalt seems to not give a sh%# about 
this outdated box, since they have switched to a more real-world CPU (which 
again might not be the cutest thingy, but well, that's getting religious ... 

Yes, I know, there is this "ghost" serial board floating around, but 
honestly: How many of us are willing to somehow get ahold of OrCAD to 
read/print that drawing in order to solder them pieces together ? Frankly, I 
take the absence of a real serial header (like: grab one of them old PC 
serial header cables ...) as yet another obstacle and definitely not in 
favour of Cobalt.

- Is it possible to prepare a hard-disk in a linux box in order to avoid that 
serial nightmare ?

- Is it possible to buy one of them 10$ serial PCI boards and plug it in in 
place of the second ethernet controller that is anyway not needed during 
installation ?

Thanks a whole lot for your rapid first reactions. I knew it: Real gururs 
*are* friendly :-)


P.S.: Feel free to shoot questions if my box is of any interest to the 
community. I'm on dynamic IP but if really needed I could put the beast on 
the net and communicate you the IP and the login.