Subject: Re: Stupid ideas / questions ?
To: rmm <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/28/2001 00:24:21
	Hubert recently put together a NetBSD/cobalt FAQ
	which collected a lot of the wisdom to date.

	Would the serial option for a cachecube be anything like that
	of a Qube2700?

	We're always on the lookout for people to help contribute
	to the documentation :)
		David/absolute		-- No hype required --

On Mon, 28 May 2001, rmm wrote:

> Hi
> I'm - of course - a NetBSD newbie.
> Having worked with unix a zillion (like 15) years ago and having
> been forced into Windows by the almighty inevitable customer mafia
> abusing my curiosity .. blah, blah...
> Well I'm back to the real thing as far as Linux can be the real thing.
> Somehow feeling an urge to find something better, more professional, for
> networking tasks I arrived at NetBSD.
> Strange love this. So, please, take the following from a guy in love with
> NetBSD who just tries to smoothen things.
> - Want to put NetBSD on a cobalt cachecube (Qube 2 ?)
> 	- No serial port. Reading your archives this seems to be
> 	  a conditio sine qua non.
> 	- opening box, finding "net2" as a standard Netgear 21x41 based
> 	  PCI card.
> 	- Why not simply put a serial card in there to have that console ?
> - Try to understand how NetBSD ticks. So,
> 	- "Google"ing for NetBSD
> 	- Reading port-cobalt archives.
> 	- Stressing brain :-)
>   Result: ???
>   Hmm. Seems I need to learn lots more about NetBSD in order to install it.
>   Where ??? (Learning to walk by reading about it ?)
> Wouldn't it be EXTREMELY helpful if one of you friendly gurus came up with a
> *reasonably newbie oriented* "How-to" ?
> Concrete questions:
> - Can I or can't I install NetBSD on a cacheqube without a serial port ?
> - Can I or can't I prepare that %$# hard-disk on a linux box and then put it
> into the cobalt ?
> If it can be done, how ?
> PLEASE !!! Do not assume any NetBSD know-how. Just give us a step by step
> recipe. Once NetBSD is installed we can learn and get that know-how...
> With all respect, the very fact that there are again and again basically the
> same questions in this list might pretty well indicate that we newbies need
> someone to guide us along the way rather than throwing bits and pieces at us
> (often evidently assuming that we already know something about NetBSD).
> Thanks for your patience and - hopefully - your consideration !
> Ramon