Subject: Stupid ideas / questions ?
To: None <>
From: rmm <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/28/2001 00:17:44

I'm - of course - a NetBSD newbie.
Having worked with unix a zillion (like 15) years ago and having
been forced into Windows by the almighty inevitable customer mafia
abusing my curiosity .. blah, blah...
Well I'm back to the real thing as far as Linux can be the real thing.
Somehow feeling an urge to find something better, more professional, for 
networking tasks I arrived at NetBSD.
Strange love this. So, please, take the following from a guy in love with 
NetBSD who just tries to smoothen things.

- Want to put NetBSD on a cobalt cachecube (Qube 2 ?)
	- No serial port. Reading your archives this seems to be
	  a conditio sine qua non.
	- opening box, finding "net2" as a standard Netgear 21x41 based
	  PCI card.

	- Why not simply put a serial card in there to have that console ?

- Try to understand how NetBSD ticks. So,
	- "Google"ing for NetBSD
	- Reading port-cobalt archives.
	- Stressing brain :-)
  Result: ???
  Hmm. Seems I need to learn lots more about NetBSD in order to install it.
  Where ??? (Learning to walk by reading about it ?)

Wouldn't it be EXTREMELY helpful if one of you friendly gurus came up with a
*reasonably newbie oriented* "How-to" ?

Concrete questions:
- Can I or can't I install NetBSD on a cacheqube without a serial port ?
- Can I or can't I prepare that %$# hard-disk on a linux box and then put it 
into the cobalt ?

If it can be done, how ?
PLEASE !!! Do not assume any NetBSD know-how. Just give us a step by step 
recipe. Once NetBSD is installed we can learn and get that know-how...

With all respect, the very fact that there are again and again basically the 
same questions in this list might pretty well indicate that we newbies need
someone to guide us along the way rather than throwing bits and pieces at us
(often evidently assuming that we already know something about NetBSD).

Thanks for your patience and - hopefully - your consideration !