Subject: Re: Failure attempting to netboot a cobalt Qube2 from a NeXT Cube
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/04/2001 23:35:09
On Thu, 3 May 2001 wrote:
> any ideas?

 - Interrupt the serial console by pressing space, then enter the
   bfd command from the cobalt FAQ
 - you probably don't need rpc.bootparamd
 - dhcpd should be used over bootp
 - Use tcpdump or (better) ethereal to debug what's going on on the net
 - Make sure you've read the port-cobalt FAQ that I've updated a bit last
   week. Also make sure to read the general "Netbooting FAQ" to get an
   idea of how netbooting in general works. URLs are:

If that doesn't help, let us know. :)

 - Hubert (who's VERY happy with his Raq2 now :-)

Hubert Feyrer <>