Subject: Re: read the mailing lists, still a newbie . . .help?
To: Jamie Heilman <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/04/2001 00:59:30
Jamie Heilman writes:
>   NetBSD folks will ofcourse note that you don't have to have a linux box
> to bootstrap a new cobalt system as the ext2fs utils work now, and thus the
> entire process can be done in netbsd only environment.

Check out my post in the archives, it shows how to use the ext2fs utils to
creating the correct type of filesystem. (e.g. without any of the new
special bits that can go into an ext2fs)  I was never able to get the 
firmware to like my ext2fs partition until I figured out the magic options
that needed to be turned off/on.