Subject: Re: Qube2700 issues
To: None <>
From: Chris Johnson <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 12/18/2000 16:08:46
    I said: 
    	> It is a pretty simple board, with an SCC and some glue,
    	> so an intrepid explorer with a breadboard could probably
    	> build one.  I just asked one of our hardware guys if he
    	> has a skematic lying around.

    I've got the skematic - there is an 85c30 serial
    chip, a DS14C239, and a few resistors and caps.

    If there is anyone interested out there, send me
    a note. 

    If you want to play on your own, here's the pinout
    from the header:
    	    memAD0  2    1   +5V
    	    memAD1  4    3   Dadr0
    	    memAD2  6    5   Dadr1
    	    memAD3  8    7   serialInt_low
    	    memAD4  10   9   serialClk
    	    memAD5  12   11  serialCs_low
    	    memAD6  14   13  tied to devWr_low
    	    memAD7  16   15  no-connect
	 devRd_low  18   17  ground
	 devWr_low  20   19  ground

    The pin 20 and pin13 tie is because there are some
    systems with 18-pin headers, and some with 20-pin.

    Needless to say, this is all unsupported.  If you
    want to fry your system, this is a good way to start.