Subject: Re: More problems with NetBSD/cobalt
To:, Robert Paulson <>
From: Chris Johnson <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 12/04/2000 13:33:22
    This looks like it may be of somewhat wider interest:

	To       : Robert Paulson <>
	From     : Chris Johnson <>
	I can't help you with the BSDisms, but the .doug
	hack is all four buttons, not left+right.  You
	need to hit them quickly after power-on, or work
	on holding them down at the same time that you
	flip the switch.

	> Date     : Mon, 04 Dec 2000 20:06:09 EST
	> Subject  : Re: More problems with NetBSD/cobalt 
	> weird, the FAQ says otherwise:
	> First question, point 2

    Perhaps if the answer were correct the question
    would not be so frequent :-)

    The Keeper of the FAQ should update point 2 and
    point 3.  The button encodings are reversed.
    Does the Keeper of the FAQ lurk here?