Subject: Re: Sound support?
To: Bo Krogsgaard <>
From: Soren S. Jorvang <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/14/2000 16:09:52
On Mon, Aug 14, 2000 at 01:46:56PM +0200, Bo Krogsgaard wrote:
> Quick question: Since the Qube 2 has a PCI (or is it ISA?) slot, are there
> any sound drivers for the Cobalt port of NetBSD? We are planning to make a
> jukebox out of a Qube and would rather run NetBSD than Linux on it.

I don't have a Cobalt with a PCI slot, so I haven't tried it,
but I see no reason why it shouldn't work.

You might run into problems with audio device drivers that have
only been tried on i386 and so have not been made to accommodate
less forgiving PCI implementations, but I see that at least the
eap(4) driver works on alpha and macppc too, so that's probably
where I would start.