Subject: Re: Booting from Disk
To: None <SMatis@Fednav.Com>
From: Jonathan Nalley <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/04/2000 22:10:54
SMatis@Fednav.Com wrote:

>  I uncovered the fact that the Eext2 filesystem
> changed with the advent of Kernel 2.2 and that most Linux boxen now use
> tools that generate Ext2 partitions that the Qube cannot read.

That sounds like it might have been the problem.  I had created the ext2fs
partion on a 2.2.x linux box.

I got it to work by copying the partition from the original disk to the new
disk using Drive Image Pro from PowerQuest.  I then resized the partion with
Partition Magic (down to
15Mb), put the netbsd kernel in /boot/vmlinux.gz and that did it.


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