Subject: cross-compiling a kernel
To: None <>
From: Frederic GILLIERS <fredg@DotCom.FR>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 07/19/2000 18:44:05
Has anyone already done that becaus I have a few problems...
I try to compile a netbsd kernel on an i386-netbsd machine for a cobalt.
And I confess I have a few problems...

The config step seems to be OK (config compiled, and I can use it...)

But apparently I have a few problemsd with tyhe make dep...

I changed the CC variable of the makefile to use the cross compiler (and
cross d etc...)
The compiler says that he doesn't recognize the -G option...
I suppressed thi  option, and the make dep seems to run, but the make
all exits with error about libkern... (it tryes to compile i386 stuff
and I don't know why)

Anyway, If anyone has already done that, I'll appreciate any help.