Subject: Fresh Install of Cobalt-Netbsd on a new dis
To: None <>
From: Len Burns <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/19/2000 21:39:19

I have been browsing the archives and have a couple of questions.
Here is what we are trying to do, we have a Cobalt Raq, with a disk
that is probably on the way to its happy hunting ground.  We would
like to replace the disk, and onto that new disk install
Cobalt-NetBSD.  I am a bit fuzzy on how to bring this up from the
ground.  It sounds like we probably want to netboot the machine, I
have a copy of  a dhcpd.conf file here that was posted to the list a
bit ago that looks pretty straightforward.
It then sounds like we need to attach the new drive
to a Linux box and create a small Linux partition on which to put the
compressed kernel for booting.  From there, is there any kind of
install scripting, or should I label, partition the disk and bring
things to life by hand?  Sorry if any of this is naive, I have a lot
of experience with NetBSD I386, but not much beyond that.  Thanks