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Re: CVS commit: src

he%NetBSD.org@localhost wrote:

> > > >         In the meantime the cats ramdisk image could be pruned -
> > > >         scsictl, mount_kernfs, restore, rcmd, chio, etc...
> >
> > (Although I think I'll take a closer look at the cats ramdisk
> > image with the above as hints...)
> I've done the above, and also commented out the Qlogic SCSI
> driver, to get INSTALL kernels which are less than 5MB
> uncompressed with the attached patch:

- maybe you can remove -lrmt from LIBS line in ramdisk/list
- sbin/dmesg may be smaller than file-system KERNFS + mount_kernfs(8)
  as abs@ said (ramdisk/dot.profile should also be updated in that case)
- src/distrib/common/protocols is much smaller than src/etc/protocols
- using distrib/utils/x_gzip (NO_BZIP2, NO_COMPRESS) might also help?
- should notes/cats/hardwarebe be changed?
  isn't it a list of supported device, not devices in GENERIC/INSTALL?
  (I had not tried isp(4) on cats though)
Izumi Tsutsui

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