Subject: Re: Help regards lost boot disc label
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: mclinch <>
List: port-cats
Date: 06/19/2003 14:29:57

> mclinch said:
>> Is there any one who can help with a cats server failure? A power cut
>> killed it
> We'll try our best 8)
>> It refuses to boot saying No disklabel  Input/output error.
> hmm, that's rather surprising, the disklabel isn't normally written to
> other than at install time.  Does it list the disk as a device to boot
> from?
> Does the machine have multiple disks?  I'm wondering if it's trying to
> boot off the wrong disk?
No it lists the disc wd0 and cdrom
>> I have the info on the original disclabel but how can this help me
>> restore the disc if it
>> is salvageable.
> How much detail do you have about the disklabel?
I have a complete printed discrption of both the ide disc and scsi disc

> I believe you'd be able to rescue it using some of the utilties on the
> boot/install disk.  I suspect the utility you'd want is disklabel, see 
> the
> online man pages:
Thanks got that down and printed it out
> Note I suspect that others would be able to give better advice, I've 
> never
> had to rebuild a disklabel.
>> If I have to reinstall netBSD I would use 1.6.1 which I have an iso
>> image of.
>> I looked inside the iso image and all contents of the sets are .tgz. 
>> Is
>> this all sorted out on installation?
>> I am new to BSD being a unix/linux type as yet.
> NetBSD installs using .tgz files, it decompresses them as it goes.  In
> theory the 1.6.1 CD iso should also have an install kernel at the top
> level so you can boot from the disk.
Ah. The image has a folder called cats at top level
I have tried to write the disc image but have got a strange error 
I am using a mac with macOS X.2 and toast titanium, for my sins
> Once you've booted the install kernel it will come up with a menu, if 
> you
> pick exit, you'll be taken to a command line, from which you should be
This sounds good!
> able to run disklabel.
> Cheers,
> Chris