Subject: 1.6_BETA3 /cats crashing
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: port-cats
Date: 07/02/2002 21:37:55
Since I installed the 1.6_BETA3 using the 28 June daily build from, I've been experiencing crashes everytime the machine is under load.  I haven't made a careful note of the error, but I will do next time it crashes.  It's something like:

Non-trapped page fault with intr_depth>0

Is this a known-about-and-being-worked-on issue, or do I need to note the details, and post my kernel config, etc?  The machine was pretty solid under 1.5.2.  Only two things have changed in my config:  I'm now using tlp0 rather than de0 for my network card and I'm not disabling INET6 anymore.  (On at least one occasion I did notice that the tlp driver was named, but I can't be sure that's a regular occurence.)



PS - Apologies for the cross-post, but port-cats doesn't seem very busy, so I don't know if I'm talking to myself there.

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