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Re: Non "new-toolchain" platforms

On Monday 28 January 2002 12:57 am, Jason R Thorpe wrote:
> Folks...
> The following platforms have not yet switched to the new toolchain:
>       MACHINE_ARCH            MACHINE
>       arm32                   acorn32
>       arm32                   arm32 (SHARK)
>       arm32                   cats
>               cats can switch as soon as a way to load an ELF kernel
>               is devised and the -fshort-enums issue has been decided.

One issue that has arisen, currently cats support both the Cats board by 
simtec, and (although I've not tried as I've not got one) the EBSA board from 
Intel.   I'm not quite sure where this leaves us if simtec do allow the cats 
board to boot from ELF kernels.  I have emailed simtec again though.

I'd kind of like to get the ELF->a.out tweaking headers working.  It sort of 
is, IE it manges to run some code, but bombs out with an exception back to 
the boot prompt.  However I'm hitting that rather stumped feeling, everything 
looks to be mapped into the right place etc.  I'm going to take another look 
at the shell script and check it's doing the right thing.

Oh I've also attached the shell script, see if anyone else looks at it and 
goes oh you've got that wrong 8)  Note that the kernel is linked to start at 
0xf0000020, as that seems to be the start address of the a.out kernels.

Someone did say that it might need a linker script to get it right though?

Note if this doesn't work is it possible to get gcc to output a.out files, by 
using a switch?  Or would we be better looking at having a kernel compile 


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Description: ELF -> a.out header conversion

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