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Re: current status report at 20080611

KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:
Hi! all,

NetBSD/bebox current status report at 20080611.  ;-)

  + Frame buffer support.
  + Internal SCSI support.

  - Boot from HDD not support yet.  The BootROM seems not to understand
    pef file as a kernel (kernel_joe).  Even if you copy the attribute by
    the command copyattr.
      I tried on BeOS 4.5:
        $ mkdir /NetBSD-HDD/beos
        $ mkdir /NetBSD-HDD/beos/system
        $ cd /NetBSD-HDD/beos/system
        $ cp <where>/netbsd.pef ./kernel_joe
        $ cp -R /boot/beos/system/add-on ./
        $ copyattr /boot/beos/system/kernel_joe ./kernel_joe
  - X not support yet.
  - BeFS (bfs) not support yet.
  - CPU1 not support yet.
  - Sound not support yet.
  - IrDA, Geek port...

  * The loader of a possible dual boot has not been supported yet.
    For instance, BeOS can be booted.
    -> The BootROM can select boot HDD.  You can click the left button
       on mouse with Ctrl when print the logo 'Be' to your screen at
       boot time.  However NetBSD kernel not support...


Great work! Keep it up, I know a few of us out here support your work. :)

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