Subject: BeBox 603e/66 hangs with floppy.
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List: port-bebox
Date: 08/26/2004 18:21:58
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I've got an *old* (Well, I guess the all are) BeBox dual 603/66 machine
that seems to be in good working order. =20

Curently it's running BeOS, though I'm not sure which version (Tracker:
PR2??).  I believe it's an older release though. =20

I'd like to get something a bit more sophisticated on this machine, as the
current BeOS only supports two NIC's and little else.  NetBSD seems like a
good choice. =20

I downloaded the floppy images from:

I wrote 'inst_vga.fs' to a floppy (dd if=3Dinst_vga.fs of=3D/dev/fd0).  Boo=
=66rom this floppy in the BeBox, however, seems to cause the machine to just
hang at the BeOS logo. =20

Any thoughts?  Are *all* BeBoxes supported?  I realize this port is very
old, but I couldn't find anything newer.  Is there a way to get more info
out of the BeBox?

Thanks in advance.

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