Subject: Bebox hardware question
To: None <>
From: Jim Frankel <>
List: port-bebox
Date: 11/21/2000 22:39:30
Hello all,
     I have a rediculous question that I suspect no one can help me with, 
but I have to ask, so here it goes.
     I have a bebox motherboard without the I/O daughter board.  I would 
like to plug a mouse into my system.  The mouse port is/was on the daughter 
board.  This is a problem.
     Does anyone have any documention that would help me to connect a mouse 
directly to the keyboard/ps2 I/O controller?  In particular, does anyone 
have the pinout of the intel N8242PC keyboard controller?  Does any have the 
pinout for the daughter board connector interface.
     I have found a datasheet for the 8x42 controller that at least shows 
the pinout for the "N" device (plcc).  But I would like a document that 
specifically states which I/O pin is dedicated to the mouse input for the 
bios in this chip.
     The I/O board pinout would be even better, but it seems less likely 
that anyone would have that.
     Any help would be appreciated.

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