Subject: Re: NetBSD/bebox 1.5?
To: Rob Windsor <>
From: Craig Turner <>
List: port-bebox
Date: 11/07/2000 11:45:14
> I picked up a 603/66 bebox yesterday and have R5 running on one (scsi) disk.

Aargh! I'm jealous - mine's got the old BIOS and won't upgrade past ...
wait for it.. DR8 (ugh!).

> How well does NetBSD do on this box?  Should I netboot it and run diskless?
> Can (should?) I stuff an IDE disk in it and run NetBSD off of that?

Good luck with this. Your the first person I've seen on this list and I've
been on it for months and months... Please keep writing back to us to let
us know how you're doing.

  - C