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Re: possible bug in clock.c

mirian%xensei.com@localhost wrote:

 > /usr/src/sys/arch/bebox/bebox/clock.c.
 > I was getting a compiler error on line 166, in delay():
 > tbh = tb >> 32;
 > The compiler/assembler didn't like that last line, it complained that
 > the shift was out of range (0-31).  Weird, I know, since tb is
 > supposed to be a quad, but anyway...
 > This seems likely to be a bug in the C compiler.

 > For some reason, when I build the GENERIC kernel under netbsd-current,
 > bcopy fails to be included in libkern.  I work around this by
 > explicitly adding
 > SRCS+= bcopy.c
 > to /usr/src/sys/lib/libkern/Makefile.
 > Anyone know why this is happening?

We use inline memcpy,memmove,.. functions of egcs instead of bcopy.c.

In any case, these problems are solved with current egcs
(in NetBSD-current source tree).
# I'm working for binary snapshot, now.

Kazuki Sakamoto

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