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Re: small sysinst(8) without extended partitioning support

In article <7a30a32c-4224-54c3-a3cf-0587b1b9f0d6%rk.phys.keio.ac.jp@localhost>,
Rin Okuyama  <rokuyama%rk.phys.keio.ac.jp@localhost> wrote:
>Although the recent floppy overflow for atari was gone, I expected
>that it surely occurs again in the near future.
>I propose to add NOPARTMAN option to sysinst(8), which drops extended
>partitioning support provided by partman.c. If this option is enabled,
>about 30KB is reduced for crunched binary for atari install floppy.
>It should be useful also for old ports with sysinst(8).
>It requires
>- separate extended partitioning stuffs from menu.mi to menu.pm
>- 8 extra #if(n)def's
>I've confirmed sysinst(8) with and without this option works on amd64.

Go for it.


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