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Re: module(7) vs KERN_AS (Re: HEADS-UP: Recent atari install floppy overflow)

I found that we already have a similar code in


    18  # Default values:
    19  COMPATDST?=             ${.OBJDIR}/lib/compat
    20  .if !empty(OPT_MODULAR)
    21  COMPAT_AS?=             library
    22  .else
    23  COMPAT_AS?=             obj
    24  .endif
    25  COMPATDOTDIR?= ../../.

On 2018/09/19 15:57, Rin Okuyama wrote:

Currently, KERN_AS is set in Makefile.arch. However, it should be
determined on whether module(7) is enabled or not, for *all* ports,
something like

   .if !empty(OPT_MODULAR)
   KERN_AS=    obj
   KERN_AS=    library

Therefore, it is not a good idea to have the common segment of
codes above in all Makefile.arch. We would have three options:

(1) use sys/conf/Makefile.conf

(2) add %MODULAR directive and emitmodular() function in config(1)

(3) set OPT_MODULAR in Makefile.arch, and change a default value for
KERN_AS depending on its value in sys/lib/libkern/Makefile.inc

(1) does not work since %MODULAR% is not expanded if it is in
sys/conf/Makefile.conf. And (2) seems too much for me. Therefore,
I propose (3) as a compromise. Please find the attached patch (MD
part is only for amd64 as an example).



On 2018/09/18 21:52, maya%netbsd.org@localhost wrote:
I'd like to propose the following to remove dead code intended for
modules, which are not enabled.

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