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Re: atari sysinst.fs overflow again

I wrote:

> > You need sort -u for that and although uniq in sed is 'N;/^\(.*\)\n\1$/!P;D',
> > it would not work, but this does:
> [..]
> Thanks.
> Anyway it looks distrib/atari/floppies/prepare has not been tested
> for many years (prepare/list doesn't include sysctl) so I'll test
> and commit the "prepare" part separately.

I have not tested floppies/prepare yet, but I didn't notice
prepare/list already has /usr/bin/sort and it uses sort -n.

On the other hand, I also notice distrib/sun3/miniroot/install.md
has the following md_get_diskdevs():


md_get_diskdevs() {
	# return available disk devices
	sed -n -e '/^sd[0-9] /s/ .*//p' \
	       -e '/^xd[0-9] /s/ .*//p' \
	       -e '/^xy[0-9] /s/ .*//p' \
		< /kern/msgbuf | sort -u


It's a bit hard to test floppies/prepare so I'll just copy existing ones.


Izumi Tsutsui

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