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Re: m68k port to coldfire mcf54xx

(Cc: port-atari@)

Aaron J. Grier wrote on port-m68k@:

> On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 11:33:16AM +0200, Frank Wille wrote:
> > Aaron J. Grier wrote (in 2005!):
> > 
> > > unfortunately this isn't a new port announcement.  I just thought
> > > I'd remind 68k hackers out there that most (all?) of the v4 coldfire
> > > cores have MMUs on them, which I assume makes porting NetBSD a
> > > feasable project.
> > 
> > There is still not a single line of code for ColdFire in 2010. Maybe
> > the following hardware announcement will change that?

Hmm, should we add CFV4e to "suggested ports" list?

> > The FireBee: http://acp.atari.org/
> > 
> > Looks interesting. Although 599 Euro are maybe a bit too much just for
> > the fun to experiment with ColdFire.
> v4 coldfire eval boards at http://www.arrowdevtools.com/ appear to start
> at US$699.  EU$599 doesn't seem too far off.

I recently bought "CoFilint" board, an MCF5475 based evaluation board:
http://cofilint.profire.co.jp/ (page is in Japanese)

It's only 19,800-Yen (~$220), but I don't know
if they will ship it internationally. 

Freescale provides Linux patches for ColdFire V4e with MMU support
as a part of LTIB (Linux Target Image Builder) environment
in Linux BSP for MCF5484LITE, MCF5475/85EVB support:

It's a bit complicated to simply see changes for ColdFire V4e
so I've put a simple CFV4e diff against Linux-2.6.25 extracted
from LTIB working tree for reference:

> how is NetBSD support on atari these days anyway?

See NetBSD/atari news entries:

This might also be fun ;-)

Izumi Tsutsui

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