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Re: PR #40571 - NetBSD Atari install fails to prepare 16GB MTRON SSD on ACARD SCSI to IDE bridge

Ok, I formatted the device so it should be in the bad state again, then attached it as sd1 on the ATARI. I'll send you connection details separately.

Yes, I can install NetBSD onto the MTRON on my PC with the Adaptec. This is actually easy since I won't have to blow away my existing OS install there.



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Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2009 2:05 AM
Subject: Re: PR #40571 - NetBSD Atari install fails to prepare 16GB MTRON SSD on ACARD SCSI to IDE bridge

From: David Ross <dross%pobox.com@localhost>

Ok, David Brownlee helped diagose this and it was determined
that zero'ing the first MB of the disk and rebooting fixes this issue. It
appears that for some reason the format operation performed by my Adaptec
SCSI BIOS leaves some junk on the disk.

It would be great if there were an advanced option during install to wipe
the disk and reload the disklabel (including doing whatever is necessary
refresh the version of the disklabel the kernel caches).  Otherwise, the
install should be more forgiving if there is already junk on the disk --
current mode of failure isn't great.

Is it hooked up to the TT in the bad state now? Maybe I can adjust
disklabel to handle the -1 case

I've noted this stuff in PR #40571.

I attempted a 5.0 RC2 install onto the MTRON/ACARD combo and hit the
issue I
had experienced back on NetBSD 1.6.1.  I've filed a new PR on this one:
Screenshot: http://i43.tinypic.com/aev5ds.jpg

I'm OK with my Seagate drive, so this is not all that problematic for me.
It would be nice to be able to use the MTRON SSD though.

Are you able to test a NetBSD/i386 install on the MTRON SSD via the
adaptec? Just to see if its specific to the atari scsi controller

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