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Re: Automatically setting CMACHFLAGS -m680x0

abs%absd.org@localhost wrote:

>       I've taken another pass at setting CMACHFLAGS based on the
>       values of -DM68020, -DM68030, -DM68040, and -DM68060, plus
>       making it sharable between m68k ports.
>       It consists of a sys/arch/m68k/Makefile.cmachflags which
>       can be included by a given port's Makefile.${foo} (patch
>       for atari and amiga included).
>       Obviously this only makes sense for ports which have kernel
>       configs that target multiple CPU types (so that excludes
>       sun3 :)

Note some ports (hp300, news68k etc.) don't have options M680?0
in their kernel config files.
Such ports have other options which describe "models" and
M680?0 options are #define'd in cpu.h or other kernel header files
per the port specific model options.

>       As an aside atari includes '-Wa,-m68030' in CMACHFLAGS
>       while amiga uses '-Wa,-m68030 -Wa,-m68851' - is there a
>       significance to the difference?

It has been added explicitly in the following revision:

I guess that old gas didn't assume -m68851 (but 040/060 MMU)
if -m68040 or -m68060 is specified on gcc(1).
Izumi Tsutsui

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