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Re: small patches for atari kernel

David Ross wrote:

> Izumi's test kernel boots great and runs with my current HD filesystem:
> http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/netbsd-atari-BOOT-5.0_BETA-20090121.gz
> ..although I didn't try doing a full install with it.

Tuomo wrote:

> > Ok, could you try this one instead?
> > http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/netbsd-atari-FALCON-5.0_BETA-20090123.gz
> Works great with 68060.

Thanks, I've committed the changes.

(no pullup since they are mostly for readability/maintainability)
Izumi Tsustui

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