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Re: pushing netbsd-5 (Was: bootloader)

Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
>>> Everything you always wanted to know about Atari,Milan,IDE and byteswaps...
>>> The Milan configuration is split up in 2 parts:
>>>     Supports the traditionally formatted IDE disks on the Milan
>>>     Supports the byte swapped formatted IDE disks on the Milan
> So, the former looks used only for old (bug?) compatibility.
> The latter one also have all other PCIIDE devices put on PCI slots,
> but I don't know if they are confirmed working.
Ah - I see. The names are a bit misleading. I would have expected some
byteswap capability in the kernel so that no separate kernel
configurations are needed.

The comments in MILAN.in explain it fine - is this mirrored in the
install docs?


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