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Re: pushing netbsd-5 (Was: bootloader)

Tuomo wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 1:04 AM, David Brownlee <abs%netbsd.org@localhost> 
> wrote:
> >        Actually, regarding kernel naming suggestions...  Why do
> >        we have a BOOTX at all? When does it make sense to use
> >        BOOTX instead of ATARITT or FALCON? I can understand BOOT
> >        as its for a minimal memory machine, but if you have
> >        more memory or an 060 you should be using ATARITT or FALCON
> >
> >        I'd actually suggest renaming BOOT to SMALL030 or similar
> >        to more accurately represent what it is...
> >
> >        If we get rid of BOOTX then the only shortname conflict is
> >        with netbsd-MILAN-PCIIDE.gz and netbsd-MILAN-ISAIDE.gz...
> >
> >        What do people think?

Note i386 used "nblaptop" and "nbnoacpi" on install CD
because our bootloader doesn't support Rock Ridge extension. 

BTW, anyone takes a look at install notes? ;-)

        A kernel specifically tuned for the Atari TT030. 
        A kernel for both the Falcon and TT030. It is kept pretty small,
        so you can use it to boot the system for installation on
        memory-tight systems. This is the kernel supplied on the
        boot.fs floppy. 
        Same as the BOOT kernel, but it has slightly more features.
        You can run X11 with it. 
        A kernel specifically tuned for the Atari Falcon. 
        A kernel specifically tuned for the Hades. 
        A kernel specifically tuned for the MILAN using IDE in ISA mode. 
        A kernel specifically tuned for the MILAN using IDE in PCI mode. 

Most other ports have single GENERIC kernel which covers
all supported machine variants.

If there are some machines whose quirks can't be handled at run time
or there are some essencial difference (like kernel loaded address),
we could have separate semi-GENERIC kernel for such machines
as GENERIC and GENERIC3X on sun3.

In atari case, MILAN kernels have options _MILANHW_
and they seems to require separate kernels.

I'm not sure about HADES, but its PCI (and hdfd) could
be problematic on TT030 or Falcon.

Obviously ATARITT and FALCON can share single GENERIC.

BOOT is used for installation, so it looks we should add
options M68060 to it because there is not so much code for 060.
(though I'm not sure how M060SP is big)

Note sysinst doesn't have menu items for ATARITT and FALCON kernels.
Should we have them or not?

> BOOTX is smaller and does not use RELOC_KERNEL. I'm not sure
> how well FALCON or ATARITT kernel works with 4MB machine ?

It looks BOOTX should have RELOC_KERNEL and renamed to GENERIC_FOO.

FYI, NetBSD/sun2 GENERIC kernel (~1.7MB) seems working
upto multi user on TME with 4MB RAM configuration.
Izumi Tsutsui

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