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Re: pullup changes for NetBSD-4 (was bootloader issue)

On Wed, 14 Jan 2009, David Ross wrote:

AFAIR no sysints or miniroot worked with NetBSD-4 so it should not do any harm :)
The NetBSD-4 builds Izumi has been building for me work! (Maybe I misunderstand what you're saying?)

        Those builds use the sysinst and miniroot changes pulled up from
        current, so syncinc the kernel configs from current should be
        safe as well (the new miniroot doesn't use kernfs, and the BOOT
        kernel needs to be as small as possible for low memory machines
        while FALCON and BOOTX needs 68060)

        So, good to pullup :)

                David/absolute       -- www.NetBSD.org: No hype required --

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