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Re: bootloader issue

Adding port-atari.

The bootloader issue has been identified and Izumi is working on a solution, see below.

David Ross

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Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 5:27 AM
Subject: Re: bootloader issue

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Aha, the problem is boot.atari!

I booted up from loadbsd.ttp with your kernel/sysinst and ran:
/usr/mdec/installboot -v /dev/rsd0c
..it didn't help.

Then I booted up from loadbst.ttp with your kernel/sysinst and copied
boot.atari from sysinst over to the mounted /dev/sd0a. I wasn't too hopeful that this would work after observing that the file sizes appeared to be the
same.  But it worked -- the system now boots!

So somehow there is something different about the boot.atari on your
atari-HEAD-20090105 sysinst.fs vs. the one that's dropped onto the drive
during an install.

Okay, I see. /boot.atari in base.tgz is actually a copy of
/usr/mdec/milan/boot.atari, not /usr/mdec/std/boot.atari.
(they have a different entry address)

Maybe we should remove /boot.atari from base.tgz and
modify sysinst to choose and copy a proper tertiary boot.atari
from /usr/mdec dir per running machine types.
I'll check how it can be handled in sysinst.

Izumi Tsutsui

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