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Re: bootloader issue

On Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 11:57 AM, Izumi Tsutsui 
<tsutsui%ceres.dti.ne.jp@localhost> wrote:
> David Ross wrote:
>> But the BOOT kernel does boot.  And I successfully installed the sets via
>> CD-ROM!  The install completes successfully, but when the system is rebooted
>> I just get "Halting..." after the memory test.  This is probably from the
>> very first stage of the netbsd bootloader but I'm not really sure.  I didn't
>> try doing a complete zero of the disk before the install -- it's conceivable
>> that might help.
> Just FYI, I've replied to the PR:
> (old firmware might not support >2GB partition on bootstrap)
> http://mail-index.NetBSD.org/netbsd-bugs/2009/01/03/msg008106.html

I installed NetBSD 4 (base, etc and comp) installation sets without kernel
(Gemdos 8+3 file name restriction messes up it's name and I'm using loadbsd.ttp
to launch NetBSD kernel from TOS). I was able to boot up system by using
loadbsd.ttp with -a flag.

I'm wondering if there's still following problem?

Could it be so simple issue that bootloader does not find kernel ?


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