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Re: Current kernel with http://gnats.netbsd.org/39965 and pmap patches

Tuomo wrote:

> > http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/netbsd-ATARITT-HEAD-20081230.gz
> > http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/netbsd-BOOT-HEAD-20081230.gz
> > http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/netbsd-FALCON-HEAD-20081230.gz
> Great work! I tested FALCON kernel and I can now boot with RELOC_KERNEL (and
> with 68060 :). However I can't test RELOC_KERNEL with 68030 because 68060
> accelerator has TT-RAM.

David Ross wrote:

> Nice work!  I have confirmed that this fixes the ATARITT kernel boot issue 
> on the TT030.

Thank you guys ;-)

I've updated some sources for more cleanup
and put diff against today's HEAD here:

- sync again with (also cleaned up) amiga's sources
- Sysseg_pa is used only in pmap_bootstrap(), so pass the value via an arg
  and make Sysseg_pa a local variable
- also remove unused second arg of pmap_bootstrap() (in pmap-sync3.diff)
- use appropriate types (including paddr_t/vaddr_t etc.)
  for misc variables in atari_init.c
- add explicit decls for boot_segs[] and usable_segs[] in pmap_bootstrap.c
  and make decls for them in <machine/pmap.h> extern

Compiled kernels are:

If these newer ones are confirmed working, I'll commit the changes
and prepare diffs against netbsd-5 for a pullup request.

Izumi Tsutsui

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