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Re: scsi freezing problem with NetBSD current

From: David Ross <dross%pobox.com@localhost>

> Hmm, I just went back to try the 1.6.1 netbsd-ATARITT kernel and I see 
> same garbled video issue.  (Again, no issue with the netbsd-BOOT kernel). 
> This used to work for sure...  I think I need to go reset my nvram, I'm 
> sure what else could have caused this.

Can you take a copy of you nvram contents before resetting - if it turns 
out to be the issue it would be good to have NetBSD handle it. 

> Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to delete a PR.  If anyone has the 
> power to delete port-atari/39849, please do, or at least add a comment 
> it now seems to be an issue that's not netbsd version dependent but 
> dependent on some local machine configuration.  It's still a bug that 
> would happen under any circumstances.
You can reply to the original PR ack email and it will be appended to the 

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