Subject: NetBSD/Atari 1.6 BETA snapshot available
To: None <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/31/2002 21:03:21
As some of you might have noticed already, there is a 1.6_BETA1 snapshot
available at:

Unfortunately, the new sysinst.fs is still missing. I just filed a pullup
request to correct this. This means that upgrading through sysinst will
have to wait for a couple of days ;-)

What I'd like to encourage at the moment is testing of the kernels in the
 'binary/kernel/' directory. I fixed some bugs in the kernel code that were
caused by the new compiler/assembler combo. I am currently running the
HADES kernel from that directory, it is doing well. Those kernels should
have enough compatibility options set to run 1.5.x binaries I think, so
there really is no excuse not to test them (in single user at least ;-).

Apart from helping NetBSD/Atari by testing the kernels, I could also use
some help in getting the documentation ready. And when the sysinst.fs
image is available, it would be nice if someone could test the upgrade
path from 1.5.x to 1.6. I already did this, so the test case is gone ;-)
This is particulary interesting since you would be moving from a.out to