Subject: Re: Resolution for Xserver
To: None <>
From: Thomas Gerner <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/07/2000 22:49:18
On Sat, May 06, 2000 at 04:15:54PM +0000, wrote:
> I use NETBSD 1.4 and XF68_FBDev (Frame Buffer XServer) on Atari Falcon.
> I have a Atari monitor SC1435 (VertRefresh 50/60 Hz, Horizontal 15.6/15.7 kHz)
> I choose resolution under TOS (768x480, overscan) and I boot NetBSD.
> When I start X, I always have the resolution I had when I boot NetBSD.
> Is it possible to change the resolution (different from booting) when I start X?
> My XF86Config file is:
> I use in Section "Monitor":
>  HorizSync 15.6-15.7
>  VertRefresh 50-60
>  Modeline "640x400" 25.175 640 664 760 800 400 409 411 450
>  Modeline "320x200" 12.588 320 336 384 400 200 204 205 225 Doublescan
> When I redirect the output of startX in a file, I have:
> (--) FBDev: Mode "640x400" needs hsync freq of 31.47 kHz. Deleted.
> (--) FBDev: Mode "320x200" needs hsync freq of 31.47 kHz. Deleted.
> (--) FBDev: Width 768, Height 480, Depth 4
> What values are correct for "640x400", "768x480" in the Modeline syntax ?

The kernel driver does not use the timing values of the fbdev server. The timing
values are only used by the fbdev server for compatibility.
Therefore you can use modelines and HorizSync/VertRefresh what you like in order
to make the XFree part of the server happy. As long as the console display, which
means the kernel driver, can disply a special mode the xserver will show this
mode, too.

The only thing which is used is the 'Modes' line in 'Section "Screen"'. And this is
used only as a hint. If you would specify depth 8 and Modes "1280x1024" while your
display can only do 640x400 in depth 2 you will get 640x400 in depth 2.

For your problem use
HorizSync 30-72
VertRefresh 50-120
This are values of a multisync monitor to make XFree happy and let it use most of
the modelines.