Subject: Re: ATARITT
To: Jan-Hinrich Fessel <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 09/08/1999 22:01:22
On Wed 08 Sep 1999, Jan-Hinrich Fessel wrote:

> I really don't know how to boot from floppy when there is a a bootable 
> harddisk present.  The TOS harddrive is some long distance away and I have 
> used the whole disk for NetBSD.
> Or can the disk bootloader be instructed to eihter boot tos from floppy or do 
> -Dtw?

Keep the right-shift key down right after the ram-test is finished (i.e.
during the boot ;-). You will get a prompt in the loader. Now enter the
command '.t<return>' and your system should boot into TOS. You can now
use the floppy with loadbsd.ttp on it...

Heck, this _is_ documented somewhere.... Yes! got it: 'man boot'. I knew
I did create some docu every now and then ;-)