Subject: Re: se0/DDB/ser0
To: None <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 08/05/1998 08:43:05
> Did you terminate the EA412? I had some termination problems with the beast
> iirc (but I have mounted it together with a Shugart<->SCSI bridge on another
> PCB). BTW, if your EA412 has a TP port only (like mine) and you need a BNC
> port (like I), you can look up one of my old mails in port-pc532. I populated
> the missing parts on the PCB (by ripping apart an old ISA card) and now my
> EA412 has a working BNC port.

Well, it is set to terminated SCSI id 2 on the 'dial' at the front.  I
haven't had any problems with the disk, tape or CD since I connected it,
so I'd be surprised if that was the cause.  Luckily, mine has RJ45 and BNC
(I'm using the BNC), but thanks for the tip.  I'm wondering if there is
a fault with mine.  Trouble is, I don't have a another machine to test it
with (yet).

I did compile a new kernel last night.  Now, I can't even ifconfig it :-(
If I drop into DDB, the machine appears to have come from mi_switch()
to the keybaord interrupt.  `ps` shows ifconfig waiting on 'scsipi_'.
SCSI_DEBUG for id 2 doesn't show anything useful - I'll have to put more
debug messages in if_se.c.


    1024/55A5BC19        0F 3F 62 56 18 10 8B 84  43 8F F4 94 93 37 76 AA