Subject: Re: Tty patches applied to -current
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: port-atari
Date: 03/26/1998 08:49:34
[ ... ]
> > I haven't decided what to call the dailin/dialout nodes yet... It would be
> > nice to have a logical connection between the two. Personally I was thinking
> > to split the nodes into 2 directories:
> >     /dev/ttyin
> >     /dev/ttyout
> > 
> > This sceme was mentioned by Greg Woods on tech-kern. All the other scemes seem
> > to loose on the atari-port since we have mdm0[12] and ser[01]...
> > Anyway, I haven't decided yet and that's why I haven't changed the MAKEDEV
> > script yet. Feel free to comment ;-)
> I would dislike any subdirectury above /dev. But I would have no problem
> with renaming the current tty devices to tty0[1234] and cua0[1234]. This
> is more similar with some other ports or systems like FreeBSD. I don't
> really know any reason why we should use mdm0[12] and ser[12]. OK, this
> is more familar to the naming convention used by TOS, but NetBSD is not
> TOS.

Hey folks!

O.K. Your discussion is very nice, but is there any way to keep
compatible to FreeBSD? I think that is a better way.
Your idea using Solaris-like cua (UUCP-devices) is also good.
SCO-Unix uses ttya01 and ttyA01 for having serial connection.
(I think one is for direct connection, the other for Hayes-modem)
In our days we should look for compatibility to the most popular
Unix-versions (System V and BSD4.4)

MfG Andre' Lange <>
"...bin das Baby, Du musst mich lieb haben..."