Subject: Re: Panic: MMU fault :(
To: maximum entropy <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 01/05/1998 21:59:14
maximum entropy wrote:
> It doesn't really matter which bus_space_*() function is used; the
> same problems are present in any case.  The bus_space_read_region_1()

Sorry, should have made myself clearer.  I was trying to ask 'shouldn't
bus_space_read_region_1() be used here (graphics card), instead of 
bus_space_read_multi_1()?'.  bus_space_read_multi_N() doesn't seem that
useful here to me, but I might have missed something obvious.

> write if possible.  Artificially limiting the length would mean more
> entries to the kernel from the user program, to accomplish the same
> result.  Most device drivers simply compute the user-requested length,
> and the actual space left until "end of device", then use the smaller
> of the two as the length of the actual I/O to perform.

Makes sense.



    1024/55A5BC19        0F 3F 62 56 18 10 8B 84  43 8F F4 94 93 37 76 AA