Subject: Re: DOS-formatted ZIP disks?
To: Udo Erdelhoff <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 06/26/1997 10:07:57
Udo Erdelhoff wrote:

> Hi,
> I finally managed to get a working installation of NetBSD/atari, the
> non-relocating kernel solved my vm_fault problem. I also manged to
> install the bootstrap with only minimal problems (1.2's installboot
> doesn't like the 1.2E kernel). Getting back into TOS was the bigger
> problem... somebody should put nvreset.prg into tools.tos 

Weren;t you able to get to the commandline of the loader? A simple '.tos'
command would have done the trick. Installboot <-> kernelversion is
currently not handled very satisfactory...Sigh, I'm thinking about a
nice solution for some time now, but haven't found any.

> Unfortunately, one problem remains: NetBSD/atari is unable to read
> DOS-formatted ZIP disks. I have an external SCSI zip drive and I'm
> able to exchange disks between M$-os-lookalikes, plain TOS (via
> BIGDOS), Mag!C version 5 and FreeBSD. I've identified two potential
> causes of the problem:
> a) The ZIP's rootsector is quite different from a normal TOS root-
> sector. 
> b) It's partition structure is also slightly abnormal. On a zip disk,
> only the fourth partition entry is used. To quote FreeBSD's fdisk:

The NetBSD kernel accepts TOS and NetBSD bootsectors only currently. I don't
know the exact difference between msdos/TOS bootsectors from memory, but they
are probably small. There is an provision for the handling of 'foreign'
disklabels/bootsectors. See atari/disksubr.c.