Subject: Re: DOS-formatted ZIP disks?
To: Benjamin Lorenz <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 06/26/1997 10:19:18
Benjamin Lorenz wrote:

> In article <> you write:
> >I'm using the modified 1.2E kernel that does not relocate itself into
> >TT-ram (AKA "st-ram kernel").
> So you are using the same kernel successfully as I am now...
> Nice to hear that my idea of putting the kernel into ST-ram also
> helped other people to get NetBSD/atari running! :-)

I'm glad that it helps indeed!  It never occured to me that this could be
the problem here... I still don't understand _why_ it helps. Frustrating not? 

> Leo, do you already have added a compile option for st-ram kernels, or
> is this still just a "hack"? I would like to compile my first kernel...

I haven't come to do this yet. The changes are quite small though (if you
just want to nuke relocation that is). Change the following piece of code:
  [ .../atari/atari_init.c ]
    * If we have enough fast-memory to put the kernel in, do it!
   if(ttphysize >= end_loaded)
      kbase = ttphystart;
   else kbase = 0;

   kbase = 0;

> And: What, if my TOSHIBA-3401 CD-ROM cannot be mounted with the
> error message: read only filesystem?! I also tried with the
> -r option, but mount_cd9660 keeps complaining...

Weird. In my fstab there is a line:
  /dev/cd0a /cdrom cd9660 ro

'mount /cdrom' just does 'mount -t cd9660 -r /dev/cd0a /cdrom'