Subject: Re: Success! :-)
To: None <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/26/1997 13:28:43
	Ouch.. are you 100% all your TT memory is ok - is is possible
	to test your TT memory in stages - stip down to a minumum
	and then swap the chips around (I dont know if you can do this
	on a TT - apologies if you cannot :)	


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On Mon, 26 May 1997, Benjamin Lorenz wrote:

> Hi,
> NetBSD/atari is running now. Problem was -- what else -- my broken
> floppy drive. The kernel was searching for a default root device
> (why is it doing so when booting with -b ??) and was waiting for the
> floppy timeout on fd0 and fd1... 
> I was then able to install the tar archives without major problems.
> What works fine:
>  ppp: after copiing/adapting my linux config files, I got connection
>       to the university using /dev/ser02 at 57600 bps. ftp transfer
>       rate with my 28800 bps modem is 3.21 k/s -- a _very_ nice
>       value, compared to Linux...
> Problems:
> As soon as I enable my TT ram (20 MB), I get MMU faults after some
> time of using the system. Without TT ram, everything seems to work
> very well, I succeeded in compiling zsh -- with only 4 Megs of memory
> and intensive swapping! 
> But after the crashes while using TT ram, fsck has to fix this and
> that, resulting in a clean filesystem, but also resulting in an
> increasing unstable kernel! After some crashes, I had to re-install
> the whole system (!) to make it usable again. 
> I got strange errors like
>  tar: unable to write file xy: unknown error 4088392
> or
>  /usr/libexec/ undefined symbol _xy
> Well, next I would like to try out X, I already have all the tar files
> at hand, but my kernel has only "1 view configured".
> As I understand it, I need at least 2 views? What to do?
> Benni